Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sound Engineer Curry Weber talks about recording The Memphis Album

Curry Weber: "Hi I’m Curry Weber. I’m a recording engineer over at Ardent Studios. I want to talk a little bit about the engineering stories doing Guy’s record. One of the cool things was when Steve Cropper came in he wanted to mike the B3 organ a certain way and it was cool to be able to see something that worked 40 years ago still sounding good today. Another thing we got to do was record to analogue tape. And not a lot of artists these days can afford to that, just because of budget restrictions. Going to tape is just such a richer and warmer tone when you hit it first of all. Not a lot of guys these days are talented enough to go to tape, cause it’s so definitive and destructive. When you’re on tape, it’s on tape, and its really hard to go in and fix a bunch of stuff like you can with computer these days. But just having all those guys out there on the floor. You know those guys are amazing musicians, so going to tape was easy for them. And that was just such a great experience to see all that talent out there, and it going straight to tape and it stuck, and everything was brilliant."

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